Judicial and extrajudicial representation of sports practitioners, professionals and amateurs of various sports disciplines, including professional and amateur football 11s, football coaches, clubs, sports limited companies in national and international jurisdictions, such as FIFA and the TAS.

FIFA ID 202310-4939


Coimbra, Portugal

Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Law, University of Coimbra, Law, 2009 

São Paulo, Brazil

Participation in the Sports Law Congress, Luso-Brazilian Edition, held in 2009 at the OAB

Lisbon, Portugal

Advanced Training Course

Professional Football Quest Sports Solutions


Attending - Sports Law Master's Degree Sports Law Institute

Only a Football Agent may perform Football Agent Services
(Article 11: General provisions of the Football Agent Regulations 2023 ed)

What is a football agent?

A football agent is defined as a natural person licensed by FIFA to perform football agent services on behalf of a client with the purpose of concluding a transaction.

Such a person may represent players, coaches, clubs, single-entity leagues, and member associations.

A transaction is:

i. the employment, registration or deregistration of a player with a club or a single-entity league;

ii. the employment of a coach with a club, single-entity league or a member association;

iii. the transfer of the registration of a player from one club to another; or

iv. the creation, termination or variation of an individual’s terms of employment

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